Staying healthy, staying happy

This time of year, skies are grey and tensions are high, as exams and final performances rapidly approach.  With our own Mini-Recital next week and rehearsal time limited, we’ve found some strategies for managing late-semester stress.  Here are some tips:

1. Look at a doggo.

Find puppers and doggos on Google Image Search or YouTube, and ogle at their adorableness.  100% guaranteed strategy to improve your day.  Bonus tip: Don’t schedule rehearsal during the small window of time that there are actual doggos on campus!  So many regrets…

2. Eat things that are green.

Running low on energy and free time, the temptation to eat pizza for every meal is constant and all too real.  Save yourself the calories (and the cash) by dining on veggies — can’t beat the produce prices at Supermarché PA!  Prepping a large salad at the start of the week saves you time in the long run, and when you’re knee deep in recital prep, you’ll feel better for it.

3. Friendship is magic.

Even though it feels like you have zero free time these days — trust us, we’re in the same boat — don’t neglect your social networks!  Make time to say hi to a good friend, or grab a cup of coffee together.  You can commiserate and kvetch, and put a bright spot in each other’s days.

And if you’re lucky enough to be part of a badass wind quintet?  You’ll never be short on friendship.


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